As for punctuation, it’s the single big argument issue when we’re editing a book. The editor always wants to stick to a house style. I feel that punctuation is simply like the flats and sharps on a musical score, that punctuation has to do with the ear. The editors feel that it has to do with the rule book. So we always fight over that. I win. The buck stops with the author. The author is the one who is accountable, not the editor. So I don’t want to be accountable for punctuation that I don’t like. — Margaret Atwood, The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing

My main focus is to give authors going the self-publishing route a more affordable proofreading option but, of course, I won’t turn away traditionally published authors, publishing houses, businesses, students, etc.

I should be able to accept the majority of work that you need proofread, so long as it isn’t too specialist a subject (there’s no point in me proofreading a law or medical journal if I don’t know what half the words are!), but here is a handful of examples of what I can accept:

  • Novels and short stories
  • Anthologies
  • Select non-fiction
  • College/university work
  • Website content
  • Brochures, press releases, and other customer-facing or internal business material
  • Blank cheques

If you can provide proof that your book has been professionally copy-edited, I can offer a lower price for my proofreading service.

I have been writing since childhood and have three novels and two short stories out there, so I know from a writer’s perspective how unpleasant it can be to give your work to someone else, knowing they’ll be casting such a critical eye over it and, worse still, making alterations. Thanks to this perspective, I can do my job without affecting your voice, rhythm, or anything that makes the work uniquely yours.

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